Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez
Creative Content Creator
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Hi Capitol City Innovation team,

Thank you for considering Javier Gonzalez Photography for your visual content needs. I'm confident that I can deliver exactly what you are looking for within a reasonable budget. This is a content creation proposal outlining my service options and pricing. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Javier Gonzalez



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Photography Portfolio

You can expect only the most professional behavior and results from me. For the past three years I have worked on local and national social media campaigns creating content that drives the goals of my clients in a unique and organic matter. I'm passionate about my work as well as my client's satisfaction and will go above and beyond to produce the best photos that meet my clients expectations and represents their business in a professional manner.


Project Description

#Hashoff is working with their client Bud Light and is need of social media influencer content and promotion for their social media campaign for 2018.


Part 1

Based on the guidelines of the social media campaign for Bud Light. Local talent will be scouted and used in the creation of lifestyle imagery that fits the campaign and the aesthetics of instagram account @javi_glz in a organic manner.

Part 2

Lifestyle imagery will be taken of the Bud Light product with the use of talent. From this shoot five final selects will then be delivered to #Hashoff for review along with copy to be used based on the message that is to accompany the campaign. 


Part 3

Upon approval from client. Images will be shared on the Instagram account @javi_glz on both the feed and Insta Story and will remain on the feed for the duration of the campaign period. 

Upon completion of the shoot you can expect to receive five high-res images for review and possible use based on the amount of sponsored post #Hashoff would like to sponsor. Theses images will have gone through color correction, cropping, and retouching. 

High-Res digital photographs will be delivered in JPEG format

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Cost & Next Steps

For the above mentioned project, the following rates will be assessed:

  • Package rate of $800.00 

    • Includes one unique Bud Light post on @javi_glz 

    • One Insta story mention of Bud Light Campaign on @javi_glz 

  • Additional post can be shared on Instagram account @javi_glz for the cost of $300.00 per post. This also includes Insta Story post.
  • Full billing amount for this project is due within 14 business days following posting of Bud Light content on @javi_glz . 

What's next?

After reviewing the package we’ll meet in-person or via web to discuss and negotiate the perfect package for your budget and timeline before moving forward. 

Contact me by phone 512-586-1627 or email at JaviGlzPhotography@gmail.com to schedule a time to review the project proposal. 

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