Mashable: Instacorps

Hey Peeps! As some of y’all may have seen on my Instagram feed. I spent the first weekend of SXSWi hanging out with the Mashable crew. I was fortunate enough to take part in this years Mashable Instacorps. Mashable invited six local Social Media Influencers to join the fun at the MashBash. We were granted access to explore the Mashable House during the days that led up to the closing party. We were tasked with capturing images of the house through our unique perspectives. These photos would then go on to be featured on the official Mashable Instagram. I brought my minimalistic approach and captured simplified views of the event. 

Through my exploration of the house. I had the opportunity to check out the Qualcuum Invisible Museum. It was an interactive experience that brought to life unseen technologies. That are changing the way we live. From seeing the unseen we were transported to virtual reality by Hotel Vegas. I soon found my self in the cockpit of a Nascar doing laps. It was my first time experiencing VR and I’m pretty stoked to see how this technology makes its way into our lives. I could only imagine what it will be like once audio becomes part of the experience. Tattly was also at the House bringing cute, interesting, and fun temporary tattoos. Being me I had to get the Taco tattoo. The cactus was my fave too. We also got glitchy with Flixel. We had a our photo taken and transformed into glitch art. 

As the weekend wrapped up we all looked forward to partying it up at the Mash Bash. The lines were long, but the wait was worth it. The music was in full swing and the pizza was making its rounds on the dance floor. With drinks in hand and tasty pizza we took one last tour of the house. Had one last photo taken of us and we wiggled the night away. 

I'd like to thank Mashable for granting me with this opportunity to capture and share this unique experience. Big shoutout to Tyler Tronson, he was great and helped us all along the way, making sure we were set. Huge thank you to all my Peeps that follow me on social media and have stuck with me through my visual journey.

Javier GonzalezComment