Creative Hangs: Sofia Fernandez


Hey Peeps! 

I’m back with a new Creative Hangs Collaboration! I recently teamed up with Sofia Fernandez, a local model and writer after she reached out to me on Instagram. Sofia was interested in creating some work together and introduced me to a few concepts she’s been working on. After reviewing the concept boards she had compiled we agreed to pursue a idea that included neon lights. However, this weather has been so unpredictable we had to think outside of the box and come up with some alternatives to actually going outside to places that have neon signs.

In order to create the neon look we opted to use my Hue lights. Hue lights are light bulbs that you can color adjust to your liking. I used them and my apartment for the studio space since living that minimalist lifestyle has left me a lot of space. 

We had the lights, space, a white backdrop, and third pair of eyes for this shoot too. My partner was home and was able to lend a hand with the art direction. She’s been essential for many of my shoots because she always reviewing the compositions and paying close attention to even the smallest details, but more importantly she gives me that in the moment feedback to make sure we capture the best imagery possible.

For the shoot we set up a white paper backdrop, and placed five different Hue light bulbs that we color adjusted based on Sofia’s looks. For props we used flowers and different kinds of fabric that reflected differently based on the lights and we threw in a rad pink wig too. Alternating between different colors we were able to really experiment with the imagery we were creating. As Sofia shifted from one pose to another the work started to speak for itself. Each image reflected a unique feeling based on the way Sofia looked, her body was arranged, and way the light covered her body. 


The final imagery was the result of our collective team effort and fruit of the concept Sofia had been working on. From start to finish. I had a great experience collaborating with Sofia. She had a vision and was eager to capture it. Her modeling was great. Every pose was unique and full of confidence. But what I really enjoyed from this collaboration was being able to help her take her ideas and materializing them together. 


I hope you all enjoy the photos and take the time to check out the modeling work that Sofia has been doing on her Instagram. Like always big thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and continuing to support your peep! Special thanks to Sofia for seeing value in my work and reaching out to collaborate and to my partner Vickie for assisting. If y’all have any questions or have feedback please feel free to reach out.


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