Javi photographs his 2nd wedding


Hello Hello,

So, if you know me? I do not want to get into wedding photography and usually shy away from shooting events that have lots of emotions. But I always end up shooting quinces, baptisms, and now weddings for the fam. 

I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin Miguel's wedding a few weeks back and guess what? It was not that bad. I think for me I've been uneasy about photographing special moments for people due to fear of missing a specific shot or whatever. But having been photographing for a few years now I need to put those fears away. 

After photographing the wedding for Miguel and Leslie I was rather impressed with myself. I'm not thinking of pursuing the wedding photo business but I think I could do another for funsies. 

I have compiled my favorite photos so take a peek and as always thanks for stopping by and reading!


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