Latinx Creatives Meetup: Summer Edition

From left to right Jose, Diana, Leslie and Elier

From left to right Jose, Diana, Leslie and Elier

Hi friends,

I want to share with you all one of the most recent community events I’ve been part of. At the end of July, I helped organize and co-hosted the latest Latinx Creatives meetup. LCM is a community org that I co-founded with photographer Jeannette Nevarez.

The meetup included a gallery exhibition showcasing the art of Jose Tomas Garcia, and a panel discussion centered on entrepreneurship in the arts.


Our goal for this meetup was to provide visibility to members of our community working in the arts. The work Bolival Fuelte of Jose tied into the discussion because the work focused on money and the economic state of Venezuela. With the support of Nepantla, USA, we were able to host the event at their space and had a great evening.

The panel was moderated by creative director Elier Rodriguez and included photographer Diana Ancarrunz, DJ Leslie Lozano, and artist Jose Tomas Garcia. We had a hour-long discussion and were able to learn from the experiences of these creatives that live and work in Austin. With over fifty people from the community in attendance, we had a very successful evening.


I want to express a huge thank you to everyone that was able to join us for this event. Thank you to the volunteers that helped us, the panelist and moderator that shared with us their creative journeys, Nepantla for opening their space, and to Jeannette for putting this event together! I’d like to inform you all that this has been my last Latinx Creative Meetup as a co-organizer. I will be stepping down and Jeannette will continue forward with the org. I believe in the work we have done but find myself in a space where I can only offer supportive assistance and not be at the front. I’m happy to have been part of the launch of LCM and look forward to seeing the org grow.

Till next time peeps!


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