Exploration and Admiration

Hey peeps! 

For the past few weeks. I had been contemplating and pondering the idea of going to the Blanton Museum of Art. However, their permanent collection is closed for renovation. Bummed but excited for the work they are currently doing to the Blanton. I had been holding off visiting the Museum. 

To my luck I saw they were hosting a public tour of the current exhibit by artist Xu Bing. The work titled Book from the Sky has been on exhibit and it was something I had though of checking out. So.. I hit up the homie Stephan and we set out to the Blanton to take part in the tour.

The tour took us through the exhibit and gave us plenty of background information about Xu Bing. I always find that I enjoy art with a good knowledge base. I won’t go into details because that would just spoil it. But its definitely worth visiting. 

After checking out the Blanton we wandered around campus reminiscing on those college days. I personally did not attend the University of Texas but I love the campus. There beautiful architecture and spaces that really lend themselves for photographs. 



Javier GonzalezComment