Javi Goes on a Texas Adventure

Hola Amigos,

Have y’all been out to west Texas? The Prada Store, Marfa Lights and Donald Judd. Those were all things that came to my mind when I though about west Texas. I had always dreamed about visiting Marfa and guess who got to cross this off their bucket list! 

Powered by Reliant Energy I was able to go on a Texas sized Adventure for the span of a week. I was able to curate Reliant’s Instagram account. Sharing with their audience my Reliant One of a Kind Texas Adventure. My Texas Adventure began with a road trip from Austin To Marfa, Texas. Where I was able to visit the Chinati Foundation, a contemporary art Museum. The museum itself lies in the remains of a once active Fort D. A. Russell. The structures that once made the up the fort house large scale permanent Installations. They include the work of Donald Judd, Dan Flavin and John Chamberlain. Drawn in by Donald Judd’s minimalist work this was a place I had to visit. We booked ourselves a guided that took through the entire Chinati Collection. 


Walking into the former artillery sheds. Housing Donal Judd’s 100 untitled works in mill aluminum was pretty unreal. The sheds have been retrofitted to house the works but still retain signs of their former use. The sides of the building that house the art are completely made out glass and the light just pours in. Shimmering in the natural light lay rows of sculptures. Each one reflecting the light in a different way. Challenging your perception of each piece. The sculptures all keep the over all cube shape yet each one has a unique design. Unfortunately photography is not permitted on the tour. If y'all ever visit Marfa defitnitely visit the Chinati Foundation.


Once we completed the store we walked thorough downtown Marfa. This had been my first time visiting a town of this size. The whole town only had one stop light and you could easily walk around. I’ve grown accustomed to the hustle and bustle that is living in a urban place that time felt at a stand still.

As the sunset drew closer we proceeded to the Marfa light's observatory. We got there before the sun set was over. The crowds of people eagerly waiting for the night skies kept growing larger as we dove into the night. I didn't expect to see much, but to my surprise there these lights lay off into the distance. Moving sporadically, disappearing to only emerge in a new location. Who knows what they are but it was pretty sweet being able to have seen these mysterious lights.

Oh and staying at El Cosmico was such a treat too! 

Oh and staying at El Cosmico was such a treat too! 

We had seen amazing art, checked out the Marfa lights, explored the town but we had yet to make one last stop. The Prada store was still on my radar and I had to. After a short drive passing  through some small towns. There it was. This little gem that I had seen so many times before through the webs. The permanent installation by artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragse. Built to replicate an actual Prada store but one that will never be open. Since its installation in 2005 the site has been vandalizes and its contents stolen. We got some shots of the store, took the sight in for a few minutes. Before heading back into Marfa and on our way to our next stop. 


Well peeps! That concludes my first part of my Reliant One of a Kind Texas Adventure. Stay tuned for part two of my trip out west. I’ll get into our time spent at Big Bend National Park sleeping under the beautiful night skies! 

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