Times Are Changing

Hey Peeps!

Wow… It’s definitely been a while since I have posted on here and I do want to apologize for my inconsistency. I promise I’ll be better about sharing with you all my adventures and vida. I do have to say I miss sitting at home writing for the blog and look forward to sharing with y’all a whole lot of content.

Summer has come and gone. But I was left tons of beautiful imagery that I will be sharing with y’all in the days to come. I was able to take on a big project with Reliant Energy that took mw out to West Texas. Hosted one of the biggest Instameets I've been to, and it was at Big Bend National Park! Let me tell y’all that was a spectacular meet if you missed it you definitely missed out homies! Keep your eyes out for those future blog post y’all.

As y’all have probably felt from just going outside. The times are changing in Austin and the weather is so nice with this cold from that came through! I usually bake pretty easy under the sun. So this weekend with its gloomy skies was perfect for some photo adventures. 

I met up with Divinity Anaya. I’m sure y’all will recognize her from previous shoots. We hit up the Fiesta Market. Crashed peoples balconies and used their plants as backdrops. Got stung by some mosquitoes but we made some great imagery. I hope y’all enjoy! 

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