Shoot with Divinity

Hey y’all! Todays blog post is covering a shoot with my friend Divinity. As some of y’all may know most of my work is minimalistic. But in the past few weeks I’ve been trying out new approaches to photography. Up to this point I still prefer to call myself a Artist over photographer. With that in mind I’m always trying to explore and grow within the medium of photography. The images in this blog post are different from what you would usually see on my Instagram feed. 



I’ve been more interested in the human figure. I’m trying to incorporate it into my minimalistic compositions. Although these images are not minimalistic by any means. They are a step in the direction I want to take with my most current work. So keep an eye out for more portraits.


For this shoot we decided to visit the Mueller Park. I had never been to this park but I was amazed by the amount of places within the park that lend to be photographed. We started our shoot by traversing this garden area. It's filled with several different kinds of plants and flowers. We found some cool cactus and just had to get in them. Once we were done with that part of the park I had seen from images online that there was a pond or lake in the park. Turns out there are several areas with water, but we ended by the hanger area. Its a pretty nice set up. Theres a trail that surrounds the lake and theres even steps that allow visiters to sit by the lake. All in all its was a pretty sweet spot to check out. I hope y'all enjoy the images and stay tuned for more of my photo adventures! 

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