Collaboration with Pink and Silver Fashion, Jaqueline Salinas, and Last Satellite Salon

Hola Peeps! I hope y'all are having a good start to your week. We’ve got some gloomy skies over Austin, but I’m sure we will get tons of sun in the days that follow.

Today’s post focuses on more portrait work I’ve done in the past. The images included in this post come from a collaboration with several creatives. For this shoot I worked with Jacqueline who was the model, Kate from Last Satellite Salon. The wardrobe was provided by Pink and Silver Fashion. 

From time to time I like to collaborate with Artist. I was fortunate enough to have met Kathy Pastora through Instagram a few months back. Kathy owns two mobile boutiques that move all across town. In the time that I’ve known her she has had tons of success she recently opened her second mobile boutique. These mobile boutiques will set up at different locations and they're quite the setup. The shops have been completely retrofitted and feel like an actual store. All aspects of the traditional store are adapted and incorporated into these mobile boutiques. Each boutique carries the latest trends, handmade items, and vintage collections. If y'all haven't seen them before make sure to follow them on Instagram. You can also head over to their website for more info on the locations and products they offer. For this shoot Kathy put me in contact with Jacqueline and provided us with clothing from her boutique to use. 


I met up with Jaqueline at Last Satellite Salon where she was getting her hair and make up done by Kate. Jaqueline had driven into town to visit some friends and to work on this shoot. After chatting it up for a bit and getting to know Jaqueline, Kate, and Kevin who's Jaqueline’s partner. We set out to shoot on the East Side of Austin. We had agreed to use the vibrancy of the East Side. So, we found some colorful walls that worked with the colors in our wardrobe and set up shop. Our first location was a building that used to be a Mexican restaurant. But has been since been painted by local artist Josh Row and Jason Archer. From that initial spot we headed to Houston Tillotson University to conclude our shoot. The sun was shining and the lawn at the university worked well with our determined look.


I’d like to thank all the talented individuals that made this shoot possible. Jaqueline and Kevin for making the drive and Kate for making sure the hair and make up was on point. Kathy Pastora for putting us in contact and helping make this shoot possible. I hope y'all enjoy the images! 

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