Creative Hangs

Hola Peeps! I hope y’all are enjoying the summer so far. It looks like the crazy storms are past us for at least a few days now. These past few weeks have been pretty busy with events taking place and work. But I’ve been trying to keep you all in the loop of what I am up to.


With time being such a delicacy lately. I’ve been really trying to utilize what time is not spent at work doing creative projects and channeling my energy into things that are rewarding for me. And this is one of those. If I’ve learned anything from working at Apple is that a big part of enjoying your job and really excelling within your role is having a amazing group of people around you at all times. I’ve met so many talented folks who are not only great at what they do but are really supportive of all your endeavors. Wether it be at Apple or outside the company. I know I have a peers that will support and give me that extra push when things seem bleak. One of my homies who’s been super cool and gives me feed back and support all the time is Brittany. A super chill. Free spirited friend who always sends positive vibes my way and gets my Mexican background. For this shoot we went down on the East Austin and found some cool minimal spots for some portraits minimalist compositions. I hope y’all enjoy the images!