Jack Erwin: Parker

Hey Y’all! 

As some of you may have noticed I partnered up with Jack Erwin. to announce the release of their new driving loafer the Parker. For quite some time I’ve been a fan of their products. I love their minimalistic approach to both design and presentation. 

The Parker comes in eight different colors, but being who I am. I had to get my hands on the red suede limited edition model. Red happens to be my favorite color so it was just perfect. Now, the only problem was that most of my work involves a lot of vibrant colors. But for this shoot I had to find something more subtle. A location that was visually interesting but simple and preferably with a solid backdrop. 

Overtime I’ve gathered a collection of walls around town. Making mental notes of places that I drive by that are aesthetically pleasing. After some thought and examining the imagery Jack Erwin uses on their site and social media outlets. I knew I had to find a place that was modern, preferably with unpainted walls and with a interesting design. 

And then it clicked the Austin Power Plant! That spot was rejuvenated a few years back and its sleek with some greenery around it. Making it the perfect place to set up the shoot for this product. I had the homie Austin join me for the shoot. We set on our adventure to create imagery before the scorching heat of Texas forced us to seek some ac. 

After a few sweat beads we had our images. I was able to combine my minimalist style with the Parker. The power plant ended up being a great place to shoot some minimal portraits. It had tons of free wall space with some leafs for that extra touch. Making it perfect! 

Big thanks to Jack Erwin for allowing me to be part of the release of the Parker. And to my peep Austin who's sadly left this city and is now living it up in Miami. 

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