Capturing Pink with Aloisa Venui

Its been a while peeps! But I'm really excited to share with you my most recent work. The month of June proved to be a busy one. We had several meet ups for IgAustinTexas and now Pokemon Go is out! There’s just not enough time in the day haha. No, but in all seriousness life has been a little hectic with work and trying to balance life. But heres my most recent piece.

In mist of planning events and trying to continue to make art. I was able to meet up with Aloisia Venui. Fellow content writer, stylist, and model. We agreed to collaborate on a couple of projects that we are both working on. I’ve been continuing to explore portraiture and she was delighted to pose for me. I on the other hand. opened up a little. She interviewed me. Asked about my art and source of inspiration. Y’all should definitely check out the interview here. I promise y'all wont be disappointed. 

For my shoot I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I’ve been itching to shoot some portraits by a pink wall and had already made up my mind about what places i wanted to shoot. Theres an old shop on east 12th st. This older building has large Agava Americana along the side of the shop. Making it a perfect spot for the shoot. Because plants on pink are just great! The second place I photographed at was the famous Lucky Lady Bingo (Pink Bingo). This pink bingo really stands out as you drive through downtown Austin. I had recently heard it was being demolished. So I had to get out there asap. 

We woke up super early and made our way out there. Aloisa styled her outfit and incorporated a yellow blazer. That really stood out against the bright pink walls we were using as backdrops. We set up shop and after a few awkward test shots and getting past the lack of coffee we started to get in the groove. I always find it interesting when you photograph people on the same day you meet them. Its like an awkward first interaction but thats why I like to just get chatty and make it more of a hangout than a shoot. Taking the pressure off a bit and allowing for the conversation to ease the shoot. She's a recent transplant to Austin but has fallen in love with the city. 





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