Creative Hangs: Divinity Veloz


Hey peeps,

I don’t about y’all, but fall weather gets me excited about dressing up. I personally love to layer clothing, but with this Texas heat it can be impossible to wear many layers without getting drenched in sweat. As I getting older and continue to develop my style. I have become more interested in looking for unique articles of clothing found at thrift shops or vintage stores. That speak to me and don’t comply with the most current trends.

For this Creative Hangs collaboration. I reached out to an old friend whom I have photographed before, but felt it was time to reconnect with. I met Divinity a few years back on Rainy St. and have gone on several photo adventures together. But since our last collaboration much has happened in both of our lives and agreed to do some work.

This Native Texan from Amarillo moved to Austin eight years ago, with the intent of pursuing a career in the gelato biz. However, soon realized she was much more interested in fashion. Divinity currently manages I Luv Vintage off the drag, and I could not be happier for this bad ass lady! She has found her passion and has managed to make a career out her interest for vintage clothing, styling, and modeling.

For our shoot Divinity wore an outfit that included several of her favorite pieces. Including her belly-dancing top from a few years back. The outfit was originally inspired by Solange and was meant to be worn at her concert out in Marfa, Tx. However, a in a last minute message all attendees were informed they should wear white to the concert. Lucky me still got to see this rad outfit though! We walked the surrounding area near I Luv Vintage. Found a bad ass VW bug, lots of greenery, and some sick colors on the drag. All things that I can get behind! For this shoot, I wanted to highlight the different components that made her outfit. I loved her rings, each with a unique design and interesting story behind them. I also focused on taking different photographing approaches beyond straight on captures. To snapping images taken at lower vantage points and you can bet I was on the ground for some of these. I’ve found that including different vantage points have led me to create more dynamic imagery #alwaysgrowing.


Divinity is all about collaboration and connecting with people. She’s currently working on four other projects with several creatives within Austin. She has "Spooky Shindig" with @jxnart, Underground 80's" with @mr.canteloupe, "Miss POTUS" with @nonbunnyness, and is always shooting with the talented @monique_rdz. So be sure to show these people and Divinity some love y’all! Check out the shop she manages and feel free to say hi, she’s one of the nicest people I know!

I hope you all liked the photos and thank you for checking out my blog. If you would like to share your story and passion with me and take some rad pics hit me up!


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