Creative Hangs: Lauren Trahan


Hola friends,

If you’re tuning in from outside of Austin I’m sure you’re experiencing cold weather. If you’re from Austin, I know you’re enjoying this cool weather we're finally getting. Growing up in Chicago, I loved seeing the seasons pass by as they reflected on the landscape. Unfortunately, there’s not much of that here in Austin. For a good part of the year it feels like summer. It's great but it makes me miss different seasons of the year.

Recently I drove by the east side of Lady Bird Lake. I Realized there were several trees going through beautiful changes in the color of their leafs. And I’ve been eager to have a fall shoot since last year. So, I hit up my friend Lauren, who I had seen a few days prior and we organized our Creative Hangs Collaboration!


I met Lauren back when I was part of collective blue and was creating visual content. During that time Lauren was hustling, making moves, and putting all the pieces together to launch her own business, Paper Moon Entertainment. Lauren is a strong supporter of the creative community in Austin and an entrepreneur boss lady! But let's backtrack a little bit because knowing people's background is super important.

Lauren went to school at The University of Texas at Austin. There she studied Marketing and Music Business. Throughout her time at UT she also played music with bands. She developed a deep passion for helping bands grow by finding opportunities for them to showcase their talents and work. Through these experiences she found herself gravitating towards a managerial role. During this time Lauren was being mentored by Guy Licata, founder of Reflexx Drum pads and by renowned singer/songwriter, Bruce Robinson.

With passion, mentorship, and perseverance Lauren today Manages Paper Moon Entertainment. Her skills in digital marketing, branding, artist management, and event production have allowed her to serve artist by creating both physical and digital ways to connect with potential fans. Giving the artist the opportunity to focus on what they enjoy the most, crafting their art. I had the pleasure of working with Laurent and Huggy and the Feel Goodz, one of the bands she manages. A unique experience that allowed me to see what she does and who she works with.

I assisted in the recording of a interview collective blue conducted of Huggy and the Feel Goodz. I also Photographed the whole process from prep to finish. Then I created visual assets for the promotion of collective blue's first major event, AVO.

Now Lauren is working in the R&B/Soul/Blues/Hip Hop scene. Which includes local Austin groups such as, Huggy & The Feel Goodz, Shanzyan, Ashmar Mosby, Allysa Grace, and The Watters. Lauren is a great resource for folks in the community who are artist and may be in need of support. And she’s a nice person too! So, be sure to check her site out, share this info with your community and definitely reach out if you think you would like to connect with a talented young mover and shaker in our beautiful city!

Big thank you to all of you who have made it this deep into the post! I truly appreciate it and big thanks to Lauren Traham for taking the time to share her personal journey and allowing me to photograph her!

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