Creative Hangs: Antuan Babs


Hey friends,

I’m back with another Creative Hangs Collaboration for y’all! For this episode of Creative Hangs I teamed up with Antuan Babino. I placed a call for creatives looking to collaborate and well you know, Instagram works wonders. Antuan reached out and was looking to expand his portfolio and was interested in making some work together. 

Antuan Babino, who goes by BABs is a native Texan born in Port Arthur. He made the move to Austin in order to help move forward his modeling career. He’s currently a freelance model and works various side jobs. His most recent work with Maconnais shed a lot of light on him. Maconnais is an avant-garde fashion label based in Austin, Texas. Maconnias was featured this past year by Highsnobiety Fashion Magazine as one the top ten new brands on the rise. 

When we met up for the shoot we were literally chasing light. Daylight savings had just kicked in and I was a bit worried about the sun setting on us. But as soon as we both got ready, Antuan got right to it! Striking a unique pose every few seconds. We quickly captured imagery I was very please with and still had time to learn more about each other. We found ourselves on a trail near Mopac and Austin High. A spot with an interesting bridge that had built character with the rusting of the metal.


When the sun did set there was a rad creek area that was tagged with graffiti and it was time to bust out the flash. A tool I’ve been using more lately to shake things up. The move proved to be a smart decision. We shot in a space that had been spray painted pink. The light reflected a pink hue onto him that looked amazing. I’m accustomed to using natural light for most of my previous work, but lately I’ve had the opportunity to document more events and the lighting situation at most places has been challenging. But on the bright side I’m getting better at using artificial light. 


I hope y’all like the imagery and go show Antuan some love! Super chill guy thats definitely got those modeling skills. 

Thanks for all the support this past year! I hope you all have a great 2018! Hit me up if you ever want to ask questions, have ideas for collaboration, need any type of content needs, and to say hi! 

Y’alls peep,

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