Creative Travels: New York City

Hey peeps!

How do y’all feel about visiting big cities? I had the opportunity to visit New York City with my partner for the first time this past May, and boy was it an experience. Leading up to our trip. I'd asked for recommendations from my work colleagues and photo peeps. I received tons of suggestions, but what got me was that they all kept saying “energy”. According to almost everyone there was a energizing feeling about NYC, due to it's size and the people who live there and boy were they right! With so much going and so many places to see. I felt alive and eager to hit the streets.

As most of y'all know my style is pretty simple, minimal, without a lot of motion involved. But this approach was not going to work in NYC and the student in me had to adapt to this new environment. We booked a Airbnb in Williamsburg, beautiful spot with nice natural light, small and cozy with ac. The weather when we got there was super hot and muggy. That ac unit came through so good!

On our arrival day we settled in and I took a stroll through the neighborhood. As I walked past homes and parks full of families playing, it hit me. I wasn't in Texas anymore. There were people walking, cars honking, constant flow of movement. I walked a few miles and snapped some images as the sun started to set. There was something beautiful about seeing shadows casted on other buildings. Everything was so close to each other unlike things here in Austin.

Day one began with a trip to the Empire State building. Where we had the opportunity to see all NYC under clear blue skies. Took a cheesy photo as a souvenir and walked over to the High Line. Now that was a treat, walking on a reconditioned elevated railroad that is now a public space. I hadn't seen anything like it before. Folks were catching some sun, hanging out, and there was even a couple taking wedding photos. After having walked several blocks the Mexican in me wanted tacos. But from what I’ve learned after visiting taco joints on both ends of the country. There is no place like Texas for Mexican food. We visited Los Tacos no. 1 and was super bummed. Their quesadillas had no queso and their adobada tacos left me craving for tacos al pastor. You heard it right folks no queso in the quesadilla. Lesson learned try new things even if they disappoint there's nothing to compare it to.

Day two was one of my favorite days in a while. We met up with the homie Joe Calderon who was in town for work and proceeded to the 5th Avenue Apple Store. To take part in a photowalk, hosted by artist Adrienne Raquel. Who I’ve been following for some time on Instagram so this was perfect. The photo walk took us through Central Park and was a good way to meet locals and snap some pics with peeps. After shooting for a couple of hours we moved on to our last stop for the day. I missed The XX in Austin a few months back and they happened to be in playing while we were in town so I had to. The show was definitely one of my favorite live concerts. The music was great, vibes were chill, and well The XX were there. A beautiful way to wrap an exciting day.


I was going to write about my whole trip. But I could keep going on and on so I’m going to stop here and let y’all enjoy the images. NYC was pretty dope to say the least. I’d definitely want to go back at some point but for now I’m content with my visit. We visited the Guggenheim, Central park, Little Italy, China Town, Oculus and the 911 memorial. Places that were each mesmerizing in their own way. The city is rich in culture and beautiful people. There's tons to do and to take in which is nice.

I’m glad I was able to share this experience with my babe. Capture some rad photos, make new friends and to take a break from the mundane. I’ve found that trips always allow me to clear my mind and remind me of how good it is to be home. I hope y’all enjoy the photos! If y’all have any questions or would like recommendation please hit me up.

Y’alls peep,


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