Creative Hangs: Cameras and Coffee Meet up


Hey Friends,

I have a few images. I’m excited to share with you all. I had the opportunity to hang out with some cools peeps in San Antonio for the first Cameras and Coffee meet up. The event was organized by Sam C. a local photographer from San Antonio. With the aim of bringing film photographers together to share and connect.

Although I don't shoot film. I was curious to see what folks are doing in San Antonio and to shoot some pics while in town. The meet up was hosted at Rosellas Coffee. A space with lots of nice lighting and with a outdoor area thats perfect for some nice portraits.

We all went around in a circle sharing about us. What we use to shoot, interest within photography, and how long we had been shooting for. There was folks with so many interest and with so much knowledge behind the equipment they use. I’m always curious about what other folks are doing.

Especially those with more experience, and have been on the grind for a bit. You got to gather little bits of knowledge from others you know. I like to think myself as a young cat because photography still feels fresh and I'm still learning so for me. Its always about finding take aways from these meet ups.

Once the introductions concluded Sam had set up a little raffle for us, and luckily I won some film. So don’t be surprised if you see me with my Minolta around town. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to make it and to meet some new faces. Plus I'm a sucker for these photo meet ups. I chatted with Sam for a few and there are plans for more Camera and Coffee meet ups in the future. So check him out keep an eye out! Like always thanks for reading peeps!



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