Creative Hangs: Hannah Lasure



Hey y’all,

During our most recent Instameet, the #CaptureEastATX Instameet. I had the opportunity to meet several new faces and one of them was Hannah Lasure. Hannah joined us for the Instameet and was one of the awesome models that modeled for other attendees. Intrigued by her nice personality and sense of style. I managed to snap a few pics but knew I wanted to work with her if the opportunity came up.


After the Instameet I reached out to her and we set up a day to meet up and shoot. We met on a early summer morning to avoid the scorching heat, if y’all live in Austin you know whats up. Lately I’ve been doing all my shoots either early morning, or late evening to avoid getting toasty and sweaty. 

I had been eyeing this building on the east side, one that would be suitable for a shoot with a light colored wardrobe. We took some rad photos and managed to get in and out without melting. But what I really like was being able to get to know this unique individual thats doing some great things! As of late I have been really interested in getting to know new creatives and hearing their stories. Photography has become much more than a way to create beautiful imagery for me. My taste and interest have been all over the place lately, but that makes me happy. I like to keep things fresh.

For the longest time. I have struggled with putting my thoughts and ideas on paper. But, I want to share stories and to move more towards story telling, giving the audience a little bit more context. So, here I go y'all!

As I walked away from the shoot not only was I excited about the beautiful photos Hannah and I had created. But I was inspired by this creative individual who's out here chasing her dreams. As we took photos, I learned about how they had recently moved to Austin to pursue a career in music. Only having lived in Austin for 7 months. From Vermont, they have already found a group of musicians to start a indie rock band with. Hannah is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. I can’t share with you all the name yet but I’m sure if you follow her adventures you will soon find out. How cool is that y’all? It’s always so great to hear people speak about their goals and gives me hope too. Because lets be honest we all have those moments in which we doubt what we’re doing.

Another big takeaway from hanging with Hannah was her involvement with photography. Like many of us she has struggled with being confident and being shy in front of others. Something I know way too well. She's been using modeling and as away to gain confidence, to be the bad ass she is, and guess what she's killing it. This lady is so confident in her poses and has such a powerful look in her eyes. I have no doubt she’s going to go far and make her dreams come true.

I’d like for you all to check her feed out and to follow her journey. As she gets more involved in the creative scene in Austin. Big thank you to everyone who made it this far and took the time to read this, I appreciate you so much! Big thank you to Hannah! For taking the time out of her day to come together with me to create some sick work and above all for sharing a little bit of her story. Allowing me to be part of this inspiring journey she's on.



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