Creative Hangs: Exploring West Austin

Alec Ploof ( @alecploof ) and Joey Martinez ( @pkjoeyy )

Alec Ploof (@alecploof) and Joey Martinez (@pkjoeyy)

Hey Y’all, 

A few days ago I set on a little photo adventure with some of my work peeps and creative friends. We met up at the James D. Pfluger Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge from which we headed north to end the day at the Hope Outdoor Gallery. 

It had been years since I had visited Graffiti Park, and it was pretty rad. You get some great views of the city and are engulfed by the work of so many talented artist. Definitely a spot worth visiting in Austin. Oh and you bet I took some photos of our little meet up! 

I hope y’all enjoy the pics! 


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