Creative Hangs: Marifer Angulo


Hello hello,

Fall is finally here in Austin and the sunny skies are over for now. But, before overcast skies rolled through bringing with them rainy days. I was able to have two Creative Hangs. Today I will be sharing with you all this installment featuring Marifer Angulo. Whom I had met at the Latinx Creative Meet Up.

We connected and decided to organize a creative hangs session that would take us to the Central Austin Public Library and to the Sea Holm Power Plant area. It was her first time visiting the new Library so not only was it neat to photograph in that beautiful space but to actually show her around! I will say I don’t visit it as much because it's a little out of the way for me, but for anyone trying to get some work done in downtown Austin its a dope spot to visit and work from.

We walked the stairs and made it out to the patio areas where we basked in the sunny skies and photographed several images that had a bit of shadow play. For this creative hangs, I only used the 35mm fixed lens to stay close and not have to move around too much. It's a shared space you don’t want to cause too much ruckus, after all, it is a library. When we made our way out of the Library we wandered into the Sea Holm area, snapping a few pics ending up at the Pfluger pedestrian bridge where we caught the sunset and some of the hues that came with it.

The photos came out great and the outfits that Marifer selected for the session were dope. But what I was excited for was hearing what she’s up to! I have seen her work on Instagram as she has collaborated with several local photographers. So I was looking forward to learning more about her creative endeavors and to get to know her a bit better.

Like myself, Marifer was born in Mexico but grew up in the states and for the last two years has lived in Austin. Her interest in the arts began when she decided she wanted to be an actress. Since then she’s been interested in many other forms of creating. Marifer is currently attending Texas State University working towards a degree in public relations with a minor in theatre, go bobcats! Outside of school, she’s been collaborating with artists that she admires in hopes of creating a portfolio that will resonate with brands and would lead to partnership opportunities. When she’s not in front of the camera you can also see her work on SWAI. A brand new Creative Agency based out of Austin of which she is the social media coordinator. Y’all go check them out and hit them up if you have any creative leads or needs.


As I wrap up this post I’m feeling good and happy. I had the opportunity to connect with another creative peep that has a similar story who's out here carving their story. Y'all go check them out and support this talented individual.

If you made it this far to the post give yourself a pat in the back because you are awesome and valued.

Till next time peeps!


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