Joterias Drag Show


Hey Peeps,

I’m super stoked to share with you all these images from one of my favorite local POC drag show, Joterias. The show has an all Latinx cast that includes @Rvbyknight @TheBansheerose and @Papichurroatx with special guests. Joterias takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at Elysium and is hosted by local queen @tatianacholula. The artistry behind every performance is amazing. The show is still fairly new and I reached out to Tati to see if I could document one evening. Since then I’ve photographed 3 shows and it’s been a blast.

I believe in the work they're doing and thought it would not only be great to volunteer my services to help them build visual assets, but to also allow myself to step out of my comfort zone. Most of my work involves using natural light and I’ve vastly stepped away from low light imagery. Therefore, photographing an event where you don’t know what to expect made me a little anxious, but it’s challenged me greatly. So far I’ve had to approach it by using my flash, managing the iso to higher amounts than usual, and getting light on my feet.

At first, I was using fixed lenses that made me have to move to adjust consistently, but I recently acquired a zoom lens. I decided to go with the 24-70mm f2.8 II by Canon after debating whether to switch to Sony. And I cannot tell you how much I love this lens, it’s quick, light, and versatile. I had previously invested in fixed lenses due to the aperture advantages of having a bigger aperture, but shooting amidst the show can be challenging when you have to constantly reframe your photos and adjust to the performers' movement.

After photographing the events I do a series of post-production processes on them, but like with all my work, my goal is to keep them as true to the actual event as possible. I correct the blacks, the temperature, and resolve any lighting conditions. The finishing touches come when I make my selects and put them through VSCO, yes I do like to use the filters to add the last touches. I find that allowing myself to play with the different filters I’m exposed to more possibilities that may otherwise go unnoticed. If you haven’t used VSCO I strongly recommend.

From Left to right  @Tatianacholula   @Rvbyknight   @Papichurroatx   @Thebansheerose  with special guest Dolce Burlique and  @Grandmasteven

From Left to right @Tatianacholula @Rvbyknight @Papichurroatx @Thebansheerose with special guest Dolce Burlique and @Grandmasteven

I hope Y'all like the images and please come out to the next Joterias! I promise you it's gonna be great. The performances are always sick, the community is welcoming, and guess what? You get to support your local Queer Latinx community! Y’all be sure to go follow, like, and show some love to @Tatianacholula.

Like always! If you made it this far into these thoughts shout out to you! I appreciate you and send you all my love!

Until next time, adios.


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