IGAustinTexas Plaza Saltillo Instameet

Photo by  @Mjvc.rocks

Photo by @Mjvc.rocks

Hi friends,

I hope Y'all are having a terrific summer! I know I've been getting my fair share of swimming and bike riding that has left me a little toasty. Probably the most swimming I've ever done since I can actually float and swim now tbh. All in all its been a great summer so far. I recently left my part-time job at Apple of fours years which is wild to me, but I'm super excited to allow myself the opportunity to exist as an artist.

I will not lie this has been a big decision and I'm anxious and a bit worried, but I can either be anxious and nervous there or on my own doing what I love so here I am. And to kick off my first weekend as a full-time artist and entrepreneur I decided to host an Instameet. This year I've co-hosted events through Latinx Creatives Meetup but had yet to do anything with IgAustinTexas.

With the support of my teammate Jay Ybarry who's a phenomenal photographer, we hosted a meet up at Plaza Saltillo. It had been quite some time since our last meet and it was time to get back at it. We created a flyer, shared it on our account, bought some waters, scouted the area and waited for folks come to snap with us. We had an amazing group of creatives join us for our walk and we set off! The area we had chosen had lots of murals, greenery, and opportunities to capture the ever-changing landscape. We walked for a few blocks stopping as people composed imagery, chatted, and connected. Along the way, I took a few pics for you all to see! If you missed this meetup keep an eye for future events.

To conclude, I feel good about us facilitating a space in which people can come together and be creative. Our spaces are open to everyone and we saw a lot of friendships come together. At the end of the day, our mission is to promote community and we accomplished that! We're planning to host more meetups that include a workshop element so if Y'all have suggestions or ideas let me know!

As always thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting your local peep.



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