Creative Hangs: Sofia Fernandez


Hey Peeps! 

I’m back with a new Creative Hangs Collaboration! I recently teamed up with Sofia Fernandez, a local model and writer after she reached out to me on Instagram. Sofia was interested in creating some work together and introduced me to a few concepts she’s been working on. After reviewing the concept boards she had compiled we agreed to pursue a idea that included neon lights. However, this weather has been so unpredictable we had to think outside of the box and come up with some alternatives to actually going outside to places that have neon signs.

In order to create the neon look we opted to use my Hue lights. Hue lights are light bulbs that you can color adjust to your liking. I used them and my apartment for the studio space since living that minimalist lifestyle has left me a lot of space. 

We had the lights, space, a white backdrop, and third pair of eyes for this shoot too. My partner was home and was able to lend a hand with the art direction. She’s been essential for many of my shoots because she always reviewing the compositions and paying close attention to even the smallest details, but more importantly she gives me that in the moment feedback to make sure we capture the best imagery possible.

For the shoot we set up a white paper backdrop, and placed five different Hue light bulbs that we color adjusted based on Sofia’s looks. For props we used flowers and different kinds of fabric that reflected differently based on the lights and we threw in a rad pink wig too. Alternating between different colors we were able to really experiment with the imagery we were creating. As Sofia shifted from one pose to another the work started to speak for itself. Each image reflected a unique feeling based on the way Sofia looked, her body was arranged, and way the light covered her body. 


The final imagery was the result of our collective team effort and fruit of the concept Sofia had been working on. From start to finish. I had a great experience collaborating with Sofia. She had a vision and was eager to capture it. Her modeling was great. Every pose was unique and full of confidence. But what I really enjoyed from this collaboration was being able to help her take her ideas and materializing them together. 

I hope you all enjoy the photos and take the time to check out the modeling work that Sofia has been doing on her Instagram. Like always big thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and continuing to support your peep! Special thanks to Sofia for seeing value in my work and reaching out to collaborate and to my partner Vickie for assisting. If y’all have any questions or have feedback please feel free to reach out.



Creative Hangs: Michelle Rodriguez & Yarisel Estrada


Hey Peeps,

I have a new creative hangs collaboration to share with y'all! I teamed up with fashion stylist, Michelle Rodriguez and fashion model, Yarisel Estrada. I met them back at my gallery show, Azul. We connected through the gram and met up to discuss the collaboration. It gave me the opportunity learn more about them as individuals and to hear their stories.

This work for me is very important. Not only was I getting to make new connections and expanding my community, I was also working with two very inspiring women of color that are pursuing their passions.

Visibility is key and I want to keep working with people of color. We all know it's much needed here in Austin. Working side by side with these two creatives was enriching and motivating. 


Michelle has been working in the fashion industry from very early on. She started in high school and continued throughout college at Texas State University. By creating fashion shows, making her own designs, working in retail, and acquiring a higher education, she was able to gain the necessary experience to launch her own personal styling service.

Michelle now works with clients. She guides them to achieve a better look and comfort in their appearance. Michelle plans to keep collaborating with local artist to gain more experience to better serve her clients. She’s passionate about helping people feel good about themselves.

Yarisel and I both share something in common. We are both from the same place in Mexico – Tampico, Tamaulipas. She currently lives and attends college in Austin, pursuing a degree in Psychology. She has a theatrical acting background with more than eight-years of experience. Currently, she works at the Mexican American Cultural Center for one of the nine Spanish theater companies existing in the US, Proyecto Teatro.

Yarisel started modeling a few months back to help Michelle build her fashion portfolio and is killing it! With a huge presence on Instagram, Yarisel is not only modeling but is now an influencer partnering with brands. 


The inspiration behind the work came from combining my minimal interest in space with unique looks that were bold and sleek. We shot at the Sea Holm Power Plant because that place has so many sweet backgrounds.

We set out to shoot in the morning but the light was pretty strong which gave the images a more graphic look. I don’t like shooting broad daylight. I had to adjust and use the light along with the environment to create unique compositions that incorporated Yarisel into the space. The final images were color corrected and had minor manipulation in Photoshop.


I hope y’all enjoy the work and take the time to check out Michelle and Yarisel. Both of them are really great people. Please reach out if you want to connect with them to collaborate or are in need of their services for business purposes.

Big thanks to everyone who made it this far into the post! I promise I try to keep these as sweet and short as possible.


Special thank you to Michelle and Yarisel for sharing their passions with me and making this collaboration possible. Yarisel was in all the frames but the photo directly above is of Michelle.




Creative Hangs: Antuan Babs


Hey friends,

I’m back with another Creative Hangs Collaboration for y’all! For this episode of Creative Hangs I teamed up with Antuan Babino. I placed a call for creatives looking to collaborate and well you know, Instagram works wonders. Antuan reached out and was looking to expand his portfolio and was interested in making some work together. 

Antuan Babino, who goes by BABs is a native Texan born in Port Arthur. He made the move to Austin in order to help move forward his modeling career. He’s currently a freelance model and works various side jobs. His most recent work with Maconnais shed a lot of light on him. Maconnais is an avant-garde fashion label based in Austin, Texas. Maconnias was featured this past year by Highsnobiety Fashion Magazine as one the top ten new brands on the rise. 

When we met up for the shoot we were literally chasing light. Daylight savings had just kicked in and I was a bit worried about the sun setting on us. But as soon as we both got ready, Antuan got right to it! Striking a unique pose every few seconds. We quickly captured imagery I was very please with and still had time to learn more about each other. We found ourselves on a trail near Mopac and Austin High. A spot with an interesting bridge that had built character with the rusting of the metal.


When the sun did set there was a rad creek area that was tagged with graffiti and it was time to bust out the flash. A tool I’ve been using more lately to shake things up. The move proved to be a smart decision. We shot in a space that had been spray painted pink. The light reflected a pink hue onto him that looked amazing. I’m accustomed to using natural light for most of my previous work, but lately I’ve had the opportunity to document more events and the lighting situation at most places has been challenging. But on the bright side I’m getting better at using artificial light. 


I hope y’all like the imagery and go show Antuan some love! Super chill guy thats definitely got those modeling skills. 

Thanks for all the support this past year! I hope you all have a great 2018! Hit me up if you ever want to ask questions, have ideas for collaboration, need any type of content needs, and to say hi! 

Y’alls peep,


Creative Hangs: Lauren Trahan


Hola friends,

If you’re tuning in from outside of Austin I’m sure you’re experiencing cold weather. If you’re from Austin, I know you’re enjoying this cool weather we're finally getting. Growing up in Chicago, I loved seeing the seasons pass by as they reflected on the landscape. Unfortunately, there’s not much of that here in Austin. For a good part of the year it feels like summer. It's great but it makes me miss different seasons of the year.

Recently I drove by the east side of Lady Bird Lake. I Realized there were several trees going through beautiful changes in the color of their leafs. And I’ve been eager to have a fall shoot since last year. So, I hit up my friend Lauren, who I had seen a few days prior and we organized our Creative Hangs Collaboration!


I met Lauren back when I was part of collective blue and was creating visual content. During that time Lauren was hustling, making moves, and putting all the pieces together to launch her own business, Paper Moon Entertainment. Lauren is a strong supporter of the creative community in Austin and an entrepreneur boss lady! But let's backtrack a little bit because knowing people's background is super important.

Lauren went to school at The University of Texas at Austin. There she studied Marketing and Music Business. Throughout her time at UT she also played music with bands. She developed a deep passion for helping bands grow by finding opportunities for them to showcase their talents and work. Through these experiences she found herself gravitating towards a managerial role. During this time Lauren was being mentored by Guy Licata, founder of Reflexx Drum pads and by renowned singer/songwriter, Bruce Robinson.

With passion, mentorship, and perseverance Lauren today Manages Paper Moon Entertainment. Her skills in digital marketing, branding, artist management, and event production have allowed her to serve artist by creating both physical and digital ways to connect with potential fans. Giving the artist the opportunity to focus on what they enjoy the most, crafting their art. I had the pleasure of working with Laurent and Huggy and the Feel Goodz, one of the bands she manages. A unique experience that allowed me to see what she does and who she works with.

I assisted in the recording of a interview collective blue conducted of Huggy and the Feel Goodz. I also Photographed the whole process from prep to finish. Then I created visual assets for the promotion of collective blue's first major event, AVO.

Now Lauren is working in the R&B/Soul/Blues/Hip Hop scene. Which includes local Austin groups such as, Huggy & The Feel Goodz, Shanzyan, Ashmar Mosby, Allysa Grace, and The Watters. Lauren is a great resource for folks in the community who are artist and may be in need of support. And she’s a nice person too! So, be sure to check her site out, share this info with your community and definitely reach out if you think you would like to connect with a talented young mover and shaker in our beautiful city!

Big thank you to all of you who have made it this deep into the post! I truly appreciate it and big thanks to Lauren Traham for taking the time to share her personal journey and allowing me to photograph her!


Creative Hangs: Divinity Veloz


Hey peeps,

I don’t about y’all, but fall weather gets me excited about dressing up. I personally love to layer clothing, but with this Texas heat it can be impossible to wear many layers without getting drenched in sweat. As I getting older and continue to develop my style. I have become more interested in looking for unique articles of clothing found at thrift shops or vintage stores. That speak to me and don’t comply with the most current trends.

For this Creative Hangs collaboration. I reached out to an old friend whom I have photographed before, but felt it was time to reconnect with. I met Divinity a few years back on Rainy St. and have gone on several photo adventures together. But since our last collaboration much has happened in both of our lives and agreed to do some work.

This Native Texan from Amarillo moved to Austin eight years ago, with the intent of pursuing a career in the gelato biz. However, soon realized she was much more interested in fashion. Divinity currently manages I Luv Vintage off the drag, and I could not be happier for this bad ass lady! She has found her passion and has managed to make a career out her interest for vintage clothing, styling, and modeling.

For our shoot Divinity wore an outfit that included several of her favorite pieces. Including her belly-dancing top from a few years back. The outfit was originally inspired by Solange and was meant to be worn at her concert out in Marfa, Tx. However, a in a last minute message all attendees were informed they should wear white to the concert. Lucky me still got to see this rad outfit though! We walked the surrounding area near I Luv Vintage. Found a bad ass VW bug, lots of greenery, and some sick colors on the drag. All things that I can get behind! For this shoot, I wanted to highlight the different components that made her outfit. I loved her rings, each with a unique design and interesting story behind them. I also focused on taking different photographing approaches beyond straight on captures. To snapping images taken at lower vantage points and you can bet I was on the ground for some of these. I’ve found that including different vantage points have led me to create more dynamic imagery #alwaysgrowing.


Divinity is all about collaboration and connecting with people. She’s currently working on four other projects with several creatives within Austin. She has "Spooky Shindig" with @jxnart, Underground 80's" with @mr.canteloupe, "Miss POTUS" with @nonbunnyness, and is always shooting with the talented @monique_rdz. So be sure to show these people and Divinity some love y’all! Check out the shop she manages and feel free to say hi, she’s one of the nicest people I know!

I hope you all liked the photos and thank you for checking out my blog. If you would like to share your story and passion with me and take some rad pics hit me up!



Creative Hangs: Isra Khan


Hey peeps,

I'm excited to share with you a few images I snapped of Isra Khan. I met Isra at my gallery show and connected with her recently at a small photographers meet up. Isra is an aspiring photographer, whom agreed to join us to pose as we ventured the east side of Lady Bird Lake. 

As we walked and snapped photos, I had the opportunity to learn more about her and her goals. She's actively pursuing a creative career as a photographer, and had joined us to model for us and to collaborate with other photographers. Isra used the meet up as an opportunity to model and to gain a insiders perspective on what it feels like to model so she can better direct her subjects during future shoots. As the meet pressed on I asked her what her next steps were and she's making some great moves that will bring her closer to making a career out of photography. She along with a friend that is a Graphic Designer will be launching a business together, and will be offering content creation, branding, and social media services. How cool and inspiring is that? I'm super stoked to have met this creative entrepreneur and look forward to seeing them grow and prosper as a photographer. Be sure to checkout Isra's work here

As of late I have been very interested in storytelling and would love to keep having these Creative Hangouts with more folks! If you would like to share with me what you're up to, and would like to have a bit about shared on my blog. Shoot me an email or slide into the dm's on insta and lets make this thing plus you'll walk away with some nice portraits and a new friend, if I haven't met you yet. 







Javi has a gallery Show!


Hey friends,

Today marks a week since my second solo gallery exhibition and first show in Austin. I had the opportunity to connect with the team over at Omni Modern after visiting their first show titled Who is She? by the talented Whitley Roxanne. We embarked on a extensive collaboration over the span of a month and a half to bring you Azul.

It had been a year since my last exhibition and the timing could not have been better. Eager to show and to have tangible prints of my work. I was now tasked with creating a body of work to display, but that was easy. If you follow me on Insta I’m sure you see me snapping away all the time. The hardest part is finding meaning and resolution in the work that is going to be displayed. Creating art is part of my life and the meaning is not always clear or even there. Art in my perspective can definitely be a call to action with a message or meaning and for pure aesthetics.

I took the time to look over my Instagram account, my iPhone camera roll, and my external hard drives. In search of something meaningful. Something that seemed elusive, but was right in front of my eyes. Through my search of images. I kept shooting and it wasn’t until one day. I was taking a photo of that new building downtown the Fairmont, that everything fell into place.

Since last year. I had noticed a pattern in my imagery that brought lots of blues into my photographs. As a artist, I've come to realize that selling art is hard. I had maintained a full time job at Apple and done freelance on the side. But with all this work I was left drained and exhausted. I kept telling myself to keep looking up and to power through it. Life comes in highs and lows and I needed to learn to cope with the lows. In a effort to cope with the lows I kept looking up and finding peace and tranquility in the clear blue skies of Austin. From looking up, I soon found myself breaking up the skyline of Austin. Creating minimal compositions that incorporated the vastness of the blue skies but remained grounded by elements in the forefront. Like that Azul came about. Made up of eight pieces. Azul had been my escape and method of finding resolution and peace with my life. I was excited to share this work and experience with folks in a real space. All work was matted and hung in white frames to keep the presentation in line with how I show work on Instagram.

The work was hung a bit higher to force the viewers to look up slightly. In efforts to further drive the meaning behind looking up. Now this wasn’t just a regular gallery show. We wanted to give our visitors an experience! To complement the blue work on the walls the team and I over at Omni Modern put a photo booth together. With a pink backdrop and some of my plants you could walk away with a cute photo of yourself in the space. Living in a digital age it would be silly not to encourage folks to snap pics to share online. To top it off we had a raffle in which you could win one of my framed prints. 

As the night kept on going, I couldn’t believe it was happening. A year ago I was sweating bullets in San Antonio talking about my work and this time around. I was the one actively creating dialogue with the attendees and seeking critique. For the longest time the hardest part of being an Artist was talking about my art. But I’ve met lots of people in the past three years since graduating college and pursuing a career in the arts. Thus making it easier to slip into this artist role. The show has come to an end but the learning experiences it brought me. Will be applied in future shows for sure!

I’d like to conclude with a thank you to my supporters who take the time to keep up with me! I know you had to take time out of your day to read this so... shoutout to you! Big thank you to the Omni Modern team who was with me at every step of this journey and made this experience a reality for me. Thanks for seeing the value in my work and taking a chance on me. Be sure to check them out as this young collective of talented individuals moves forward with more shows and continues to support the local arts. Big ups to the homies Santi, Mario, Carlton, for all the support and love. My babe Vickie, who's been my constant support and inspiration. Last but not least to all the amazing people that showed up to support me in this special night. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate every single one of you!

All work is available for sale and ready to be hung in your safe space for the cost of $250.00. Images are 11X14in framed on 16X20in frames. If you’re interested please feel free to reach out and support your homie as he continues to chase his dream of being an artist.


Photos courtesy of Jenneatte Nevarez



Creative Hangs: Cameras and Coffee Meet up


Hey Friends,

I have a few images. I’m excited to share with you all. I had the opportunity to hang out with some cools peeps in San Antonio for the first Cameras and Coffee meet up. The event was organized by Sam C. a local photographer from San Antonio. With the aim of bringing film photographers together to share and connect.

Although I don't shoot film. I was curious to see what folks are doing in San Antonio and to shoot some pics while in town. The meet up was hosted at Rosellas Coffee. A space with lots of nice lighting and with a outdoor area thats perfect for some nice portraits.

We all went around in a circle sharing about us. What we use to shoot, interest within photography, and how long we had been shooting for. There was folks with so many interest and with so much knowledge behind the equipment they use. I’m always curious about what other folks are doing.

Especially those with more experience, and have been on the grind for a bit. You got to gather little bits of knowledge from others you know. I like to think myself as a young cat because photography still feels fresh and I'm still learning so for me. Its always about finding take aways from these meet ups.

Once the introductions concluded Sam had set up a little raffle for us, and luckily I won some film. So don’t be surprised if you see me with my Minolta around town. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to make it and to meet some new faces. Plus I'm a sucker for these photo meet ups. I chatted with Sam for a few and there are plans for more Camera and Coffee meet ups in the future. So check him out keep an eye out! Like always thanks for reading peeps!




Creative Hangs: Hannah Lasure



Hey y’all,

During our most recent Instameet, the #CaptureEastATX Instameet. I had the opportunity to meet several new faces and one of them was Hannah Lasure. Hannah joined us for the Instameet and was one of the awesome models that modeled for other attendees. Intrigued by her nice personality and sense of style. I managed to snap a few pics but knew I wanted to work with her if the opportunity came up.


After the Instameet I reached out to her and we set up a day to meet up and shoot. We met on a early summer morning to avoid the scorching heat, if y’all live in Austin you know whats up. Lately I’ve been doing all my shoots either early morning, or late evening to avoid getting toasty and sweaty. 

I had been eyeing this building on the east side, one that would be suitable for a shoot with a light colored wardrobe. We took some rad photos and managed to get in and out without melting. But what I really like was being able to get to know this unique individual thats doing some great things! As of late I have been really interested in getting to know new creatives and hearing their stories. Photography has become much more than a way to create beautiful imagery for me. My taste and interest have been all over the place lately, but that makes me happy. I like to keep things fresh.

For the longest time. I have struggled with putting my thoughts and ideas on paper. But, I want to share stories and to move more towards story telling, giving the audience a little bit more context. So, here I go y'all!

As I walked away from the shoot not only was I excited about the beautiful photos Hannah and I had created. But I was inspired by this creative individual who's out here chasing her dreams. As we took photos, I learned about how they had recently moved to Austin to pursue a career in music. Only having lived in Austin for 7 months. From Vermont, they have already found a group of musicians to start a indie rock band with. Hannah is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. I can’t share with you all the name yet but I’m sure if you follow her adventures you will soon find out. How cool is that y’all? It’s always so great to hear people speak about their goals and gives me hope too. Because lets be honest we all have those moments in which we doubt what we’re doing.

Another big takeaway from hanging with Hannah was her involvement with photography. Like many of us she has struggled with being confident and being shy in front of others. Something I know way too well. She's been using modeling and as away to gain confidence, to be the bad ass she is, and guess what she's killing it. This lady is so confident in her poses and has such a powerful look in her eyes. I have no doubt she’s going to go far and make her dreams come true.

I’d like for you all to check her feed out and to follow her journey. As she gets more involved in the creative scene in Austin. Big thank you to everyone who made it this far and took the time to read this, I appreciate you so much! Big thank you to Hannah! For taking the time out of her day to come together with me to create some sick work and above all for sharing a little bit of her story. Allowing me to be part of this inspiring journey she's on.




Creative Hangs: Exploring West Austin

 Alec Ploof ( @alecploof ) and Joey Martinez ( @pkjoeyy )

Alec Ploof (@alecploof) and Joey Martinez (@pkjoeyy)

Hey Y’all, 

A few days ago I set on a little photo adventure with some of my work peeps and creative friends. We met up at the James D. Pfluger Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge from which we headed north to end the day at the Hope Outdoor Gallery. 

It had been years since I had visited Graffiti Park, and it was pretty rad. You get some great views of the city and are engulfed by the work of so many talented artist. Definitely a spot worth visiting in Austin. Oh and you bet I took some photos of our little meet up! 

I hope y’all enjoy the pics! 



Creative Travels: New York City

Hey peeps!

How do y’all feel about visiting big cities? I had the opportunity to visit New York City with my partner for the first time this past May, and boy was it an experience. Leading up to our trip. I'd asked for recommendations from my work colleagues and photo peeps. I received tons of suggestions, but what got me was that they all kept saying “energy”. According to almost everyone there was a energizing feeling about NYC, due to it's size and the people who live there and boy were they right! With so much going and so many places to see. I felt alive and eager to hit the streets.

As most of y'all know my style is pretty simple, minimal, without a lot of motion involved. But this approach was not going to work in NYC and the student in me had to adapt to this new environment. We booked a Airbnb in Williamsburg, beautiful spot with nice natural light, small and cozy with ac. The weather when we got there was super hot and muggy. That ac unit came through so good!

On our arrival day we settled in and I took a stroll through the neighborhood. As I walked past homes and parks full of families playing, it hit me. I wasn't in Texas anymore. There were people walking, cars honking, constant flow of movement. I walked a few miles and snapped some images as the sun started to set. There was something beautiful about seeing shadows casted on other buildings. Everything was so close to each other unlike things here in Austin.

Day one began with a trip to the Empire State building. Where we had the opportunity to see all NYC under clear blue skies. Took a cheesy photo as a souvenir and walked over to the High Line. Now that was a treat, walking on a reconditioned elevated railroad that is now a public space. I hadn't seen anything like it before. Folks were catching some sun, hanging out, and there was even a couple taking wedding photos. After having walked several blocks the Mexican in me wanted tacos. But from what I’ve learned after visiting taco joints on both ends of the country. There is no place like Texas for Mexican food. We visited Los Tacos no. 1 and was super bummed. Their quesadillas had no queso and their adobada tacos left me craving for tacos al pastor. You heard it right folks no queso in the quesadilla. Lesson learned try new things even if they disappoint there's nothing to compare it to.

Day two was one of my favorite days in a while. We met up with the homie Joe Calderon who was in town for work and proceeded to the 5th Avenue Apple Store. To take part in a photowalk, hosted by artist Adrienne Raquel. Who I’ve been following for some time on Instagram so this was perfect. The photo walk took us through Central Park and was a good way to meet locals and snap some pics with peeps. After shooting for a couple of hours we moved on to our last stop for the day. I missed The XX in Austin a few months back and they happened to be in playing while we were in town so I had to. The show was definitely one of my favorite live concerts. The music was great, vibes were chill, and well The XX were there. A beautiful way to wrap an exciting day.


I was going to write about my whole trip. But I could keep going on and on so I’m going to stop here and let y’all enjoy the images. NYC was pretty dope to say the least. I’d definitely want to go back at some point but for now I’m content with my visit. We visited the Guggenheim, Central park, Little Italy, China Town, Oculus and the 911 memorial. Places that were each mesmerizing in their own way. The city is rich in culture and beautiful people. There's tons to do and to take in which is nice.

I’m glad I was able to share this experience with my babe. Capture some rad photos, make new friends and to take a break from the mundane. I’ve found that trips always allow me to clear my mind and remind me of how good it is to be home. I hope y’all enjoy the photos! If y’all have any questions or would like recommendation please hit me up.

Y’alls peep,



Creative Hangs with Chee Sim

Hey Peeps!

My good friend Chee Sim is back in town! After traveling for a month and visiting several beautiful places he's landed in Austin. We met up for coffee and went on a photo exploration as we often do. I'm personally not too familiar with north Austin so we embarked on a nice walk on north Lamar to explore the area, snap some photos, and wrap up by having lunch at Michi Ramen. The following images were captured on our walk. I hope Y'all enjoy and checkout Chee's latest blog post! 


#WWIM15 by Hello Mr.

Hey Peeps!

Several weeks back the homie Mario Villanueva invited me to attend a Instameet in Austin. The Instameet was in celebration of World Wide Instameet 15 and since I hadn't been able to make the other meets I had to check it out. WWIM are pretty rad because people from all around the world get together to hang, shoot, and make lasting friendships through Instagram.

The Instameet was organized by Hello Mr. a magazine for men who date men. Hello Mr. is a space in which community can flourish and conversations can be shared. Published twice a year the magazine is beautifully curated and a great read.

Before the meet. I had heard good things about the magazine from several of my gay peeps and had taken a glance at one of their issues. I was intrigued by the topics covered and the design of it all. From cover to cover the magazine feels and looks great.

The Instameet kicked off at Hey Cup Cake on SoCo, and led us through the local shops. Concluding at the Austin Motel for laid back hangs and drinks. The walk was fun and I made several new friends and met some folks I had followed on Insta for a while. What I really enjoyed about the meet was how leisurely the meet was. I took a few shots but it was more about just kick’n back and enjoying the nice weather with some cool peeps. Something I can appreciate at the end of a long work week. 

I hope y'all enjoy the photos and like always thanks for stopping by! 



Javi Does SXSW 2017

What up peeps! 

I hope y’all are having a great April so far. It really amazes me how we’re already a quarter into the year. Like what, how did that happen. But it’s good thing right? It typically means there’s lots going on and wheels are turning or something.  

The month of March was an exciting, busy, and a nerve wrecking month. Not only did I get to travel for Tripaly and got to curate their Instagram account while accomplishing my goal of visiting San Francisco. South By South West was just around the corner as we landed back in Austin, and in usual SXSW manner a few opportunities came up within short notice. 

This SXSW topped last years in so many ways but also came in with new challenges. I was approached by the homie Rico De Leon from the Infinite Agency to take part in a new Influencer campaign for Bud Light. Up to this point I had been part of their social media campaigns by creating content shared on my account, but this was larger and incorporated InstaStories. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.05.01 PM.png

As Instagram changes and evolves they added InstaStories not too long ago. Incorporating quick video clips, Boomerangs, and location specific filters. Similar to the way Spapchat was doing things but conveniently in Instagram. With this new development I was curious to see how this addition to the platform would change the way users interact with the app and how content is delivered by both the average users, influencers, and brands. 

Bringing me back to the assignment for Bud Light. I was paired with my best bud Mario Villanueva and were tasked with creating content for Bud Lights InstaStories. The content aimed to deliver a genuine SXSW experience captured through the eyes of local photographers, incorporating events sponsored by Bud Light. Throughout the day of our takeover we had the opportunity to visit several sights and enjoyed the chill atmosphere SXSW had to offer all while taking photos, boomerangs, shooting short clips, and hanging out with the Bud Light team. 

 by Rico De Leon 

by Rico De Leon 

This was a big opportunity for me, putting Mario and I at the forefront of a large companies Instagram account. We were breaking some ground being the first to take on this challenge. The day began with a bit of nervousness but as the day passed as with any project you start to get a better grasp for the assignment and you get more comfortable. We ended up making some dope work both Mario and I were proud of and that the client liked. Wrapping up my first InstaStories assignment. 

During this same time one of my Insta peeps from Las Vegas was in town. Jovan Sotelo also know as @jovy.y on Insta, was visiting Austin for his birthday. I’ve been following Jovan for a long time at this point, so getting to connect with him in person was super sick. It's funny how you follow people on Instagram and build narratives based on what they share, but that's just an assumption. You never really know what to expect when you meet people in real person.

Jovan, was quite the guy. I’ve seen his progression as an artist for the past few years and I'm a big fan of his work. We got to talk shop and learned more about his creative processes, and what's been fueling his most recent work. But what really captivated me was his enthusiasm and appreciation of life. He’s got to be one of the most self loving, encouraging, and positive people I have met and boy does he have a funny side. He had us cracking up and we really enjoyed his presence. Now we have to plan a trip to Vegas to visit him and explore his city. I strongly encourage y’all to check his work out and show some love. Its not often that you meet good people that genuinely wants you to succeed and supports you all the way. Much love to that guy! 

My last adventure during SXSW took place at Rainy Street and was for a new show called Search Party by TBS. The show captures a group of twenty-something year olds that live in New York City. The group of friends end up hearing about the disappearance of a person they all knew at one point, leading them through a series of adventures in search of this missing person. The show is pretty relatable since they're young millennials, cool and hip doing cool and hip things in NYC so that was attractive. During the time of the event for SXSW they had all the episodes available online so I did a little binge watching haha. 

The event for this was pretty rad, titled In Search Of Pop-Up Shop. It incorporated several local vendors, areas for viewing the show, and of course drinks and light bites were available along with a live Q&A with the cast. How cool is that!  I was tasked with attending the event and capturing imagery that would be pushed on my Instagram and I had to create more InstaStories. This was turning out to be a big week for InstaStories but it was a pretty rad spot, so making content from this event was not bad at all and the agency Vayner Media that I was working with was a real pleasure to work with too. I also ran into the talented Ashleigh Amoroso another great photographer from Austin who was also highlighted by Culture Trip as part of the 10 Austin-Based Photographers to Watch Out For earlier this year so be sure to check her out. 

 Ashleigh Amoroso

Ashleigh Amoroso

All in all this SXSW was decent and proved to be a another learning opportunity for me in many ways. I hope y'all enjoyed the imagery and as always thanks for stopping by and supporting! If y'all have any questions or feed back hit me up, or know of anyone who could benefit form my services please send them my way!

 I’d also like to get out there and shoot more for fun. So if any of y’all want to get some coffee, explore the city , and shoot some pics please reach out!

Y'alls peep,





Javi goes to San Francisco with Tripaly

Hey Y’all!

March has come in with a bang! I’m grateful to say I’ve had a pretty busy month and more is to come. My most recent adventures took me out to San Francisco and made my goal of visiting California a reality.

In partnership with Tripaly I was able to visit the golden state. Tripaly is a subscription service that aims to revolutionize the way you travel, with their One Click Trips. I wasn't too familiar with the concept. But after getting in touch with CEO JP Singularity and learning more about the services Tripaly offers. It made a whole lot of sense. My partner and I have thought about traveling more. But we were still trying to figure out a method to save and budget for our trips and this service does just that.

Tripaly’s subscriptions are catered to your travel needs. The destinations to which you travel too are constantly changing. The great thing about Tripaly is that you subscribe, and pay a amount in accordance with how many trips you want to take in a year and the length of the trips.

Traveling with Tripaly was such a breeze! All I had to do was book the trip through their mobile app. Not only did they take care of my flight saving me time, they also arranged for my stay. I had the opportunity to stay at Hotel Carlton during my visit to San Francisco and the spot was pretty sweet. The building had history and tons of character. The location was close to Union Square, and to top it off there was a cute bakery named Mr Holmes Bakehouse right around the corner. I could have not hoped for a better place.


As I landed in San Francisco the sun was setting and the warm tones were embracing the hill tops covered by all these cute and colorful homes. I took the BART from the airport and ended up getting off at the Powel street station. Without knowing I was at Union Square. As I stood there it hit me.. I was like yo I’m not in Texas anymore! After a hasty walk to the hotel we dropped off our luggage and hit the street.

We met up with our friend who just recently moved to San Francisco and decided to visit Mensho Tokyo SF for some ramen. The line was long but the service was great. The spicy lamb ramen was dope and the atmosphere was pretty chill. Even though the line was long outside dining was very chill. and there was no sense of urgency like other ramen places I’ve visited.


The span of our trip gave us two full days in San Francisco. Our first day was spent exploring the Golden Gate Park. We had planned to visit five locations within the park before heading out to lunch, but that was scrapped. Our first stop was at the Conservatory of Flowers. This for me was a real treat! I love plants and to be surrounded by all those different species was such a delight. As you entered into the different wings of the conservatory. You instantly felt the temperature change and with it the plants. My favorite spot there had to be the butterfly room.


The room had water fountains and pollen pads scattered all over in which butterflies would just chill. The space was so peaceful and and relaxing. In amazement both Vickie and I gazed at all the beautiful butterflies flying and having a great time. They even had a space in which you could see cocoons as butterflies began to emerge.

After visiting the Conservatory of flowers we made our way to De Young Museum of Art. To our surprise we found succulents growing in the middle of the park. Now thats an unusual sight!


As an Artist I get drawn to museums. So the De Young had to be one of our stops. We viewed the work of Dany Lyon and was blown away by the amount of photographic work the exhibition included. I was personally drawn to the work Danny made during his trips to the south to participate and document during the Civil Rights Movement in 1962. The images were bold and depicted the state of the nation during this time.

The rest of the exhibition was really good and covered a wide range of subjects. Looking at art is no doubt a time consuming activity. So we actually had to visit the contemporary work, and Latin America sections and decided we needed to move on to stay on track. So we didn’t get to see everything but we did go up the Hamon observation tower and got a 360 view of San Francisco. Now that was a sick y’all!


Once we wrapped up. We headed to grab some lunch and explored the streets for a little while. Snapping a few pics of the residential homes.


Our first day in San Francisco concluded with a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. By this point we were on the cusp of the evening and the weather was a bit wild. Our whole visit to San Francisco was accompanied by a overcast sky with sudden appearances by the sun. But things got bad when we got to the bridge. We snapped a few photos and before we knew it the wind was blowing and umbrellas were getting flipped. I knew I had to set my foot on the bridge so we made our way onto the bridge walked on in for less than a quarter mile and said nope.. Not doing this! Our first day had escaped us and we were exhausted from walking and running around.

Our Second day would hands down be my favorite day in quite some time. We planned to visit the Mission District, eat Mexican food, do some shopping, check out the San Francisco MOMA and visit the Lombard St.

We had some grub at La Taqueria. A Mexican restaurant thats very well know and has quite the reputation for a must stop while you visit the Mission District. I was a bit bummed they did not have barbacoa. But the quesadillas were super dope and made up for the lack of my favorite meat. It had a real authentic vibe and the staff spoke Spanish. Which is always a plus in my book. We got there early and there was already a line that wrapped around the stores interior.

Once we wrapped up we headed up Valencia St. to visit a cute shop called Little Paper Planes. The shop really reminded me of Austin with its cool airy vibes. I spotted some rad pins. For the rest of our visit to the Mission District we played it by ear stopping at several more shops.

One spot that was marked on our to do list was visit Dolores Park. I will say that both Vickie and I noticed how there are more public spaces in San Francisco. Lots of Plazas and parks for people to hang out. Reminding us of Mexico and its public spaces. Dolores was absolute joy to be in. At this point the sun was out the sky was a beautiful baby blue. I looked at Vickie and said were in San Francisco, we made it! Life could not be any better in those moments. Everything was perfect. I was with my best friend in California and my passion had taken us there. I’ve come a long way and still have a ways to go! But it was was such a great feeling to see and know that all my efforts and hard work these past several years since graduating college had led me here.

As we sat there in the sun soaking up life. We knew we had to make a call. Did we stay in the Mission District or head to the San Francisco MOMA? We were already close but only had about an hour and a half before it closed. Fuck it lets go! Were picked up by a Lyft within a few minutes and yes I do miss Lyft in Austin.

Upon arriving at the museum I was already blown away by the interior. The center of the museum has a huge space occupied by a mobile piece that hangs down the center. Leading your eye to the ceiling of the museum that has a bridge on which you can walk on. We paid for our tickets and proceeded to our museum marathon. a Covering pretty much 3 floors before we were out of time. Yet, I did manage to check out Dan Flavian’s work and Ellsworth Kelly and spent a good deal of time people watching. Im always intrigued by the way people engage with art and how its consumed in real life.

As the museum wrapped up and folks were being escorted out by the museums gallery assistants. The sun was reaching prime golden hour stage. As we proceeded to Lombard street. The sun pierced through the city, casting beautiful shadows that broke and fragmented the architecture. I had seen photos of the Lombard street and was not let down. This windy street is such tourist spot and I loved it! Everywhere you looked people were snapping photos and everyone was super chill about it. People driving through it were setting up shots, it was such thing. As we approached the bottom I took some pics as we looked upon this windy road.

At this point we had reach the end of our trip. We had hit most of the spots we listed but already knew we had to visit this beautiful city for a longer stay. I can see why people think of Austin as mini California now. But we need more cute dogs y’all. I swear every where you looked there was a cute dog. Anyway I’m gonna stop here y’all. I could go on and talk more about the trip but nah.. Shout out to you if you made it this long. Trust me my attention span is sorta low. But I do have some cool news to wrap this piece up. For a limited time. If you reach out to Tripaly and mention my name you will receive a ten percent discount on your subscription. Hit them up at the following email and if y'all need any help just let me know!

Quite frankly y'all I think this service is a good deal! Especially if you are one who travels a lot or someone who's looking to start traveling more often. I know we were skeptical but after researching and comparing prices we concluded it was a good deal. Traveling with Tripaly was convenient, easy, and fun. I definitely recommend. Id like to also thank JP and the team at Tripaly for bringing me onboard, and entrusting me with taking over their account Instagram account.

Thanks for reading peeps!




New Year and collective blue

Hey Friends!

It’s been a hot minute since my last post! Like always there;s lots going on. But one of my new years resolutions is to get more consistent with the blogging biz. Publishing at least one blog post a month.

One of my last moves of 2016 was jumping on board to be part of the collective blue core team. As lead photographer and content creator.

For those that may not be familiar with collective blue. Let me give y'all the run down. Founded by Nina Ho, collective blue is a community oriented lifestyle brand. The mission of the company is to empower people of color and of diverse backgrounds. With monetary backing to able to create work that is then sold through our site and vending at local events. The majority of the proceeds are then given back to the artist. collective blue is also dedicated in creating safe spaces. Spaces in which diverse creatives can be themselves and celebrate their differences.

Being a Latinx immigrant from Mexico I had to get down with this group and help in any way possible. Helping artist and creating communities is already a thing I enjoy doing through IgAustinTexas, and with such a bad ass team. I could not wait to start creating some rad work.

For February we knew we had to do something great to celebrate Black History Month. We reached out to our community members and had the opportunity to work with five influential black millennials. We had creators, entrepreneurs, artist, and active community members. Join us to be part of this celebration and the outcome of this shoot was more than we could have hoped for.

The imagery taken during our shoot was then used both on collective blue’s social media outlets, and as part of a beautiful blog post. Which incorporates both a written essay and words from our community members. Y’all should all check it out and show some love! We have big things coming up so keep and eye out and follow us @collective_blue


Creative Hangs with Dallas Cain

Hola canijos,

I hope y'all are having a pleasant week so far. This past Tuesday. I had the opportunity to go out and really just enjoy my day off.

I met up with the homie Dallas and went out for a day of exploration. We had some lunch at Sa Ten, wondered around the Canopy and concluded our day at Tillery Street Plant Co. Along the way we took some pics…well mostly just of Dallas. I hope y’all enjoy!



Creative Walks

What a time to be alive y’all. I don’t have much to say honestly. Im a bit in distraught by the election results. But I’m trying to stay optimistic and hope it all turns out for the best. 

Here are some images I captured last week of collective blue member Carlton Wilcoxson.